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ARLINGTON, Va.: Local lawmakers representing the Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport areas today expressed their strong opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s proposal to sell these two critical national assets as a part of his infrastructure plan.

“President Trump is gambling with two of our country’s most important transportation assets without considering the high economic stakes,” said Delegate Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. (D-McLean). “From Chicago’s Midway Airport to Newburgh’s Stewart International Airport, attempted airport privatization has failed repeatedly, costing taxpayers money and creating economic uncertainty. Taking this risk with airports so critical to Virginia’s economy, not to mention the operation of our nation’s Capital, is simply irresponsible.”

“I am fully against any proposal to sell Dulles International Airport to a private entity. Keeping the airport public ensures access, safety, and reliability at one of the largest airports in the nation,” said Delegate John J. Bell (D-Loudoun). “It’s an obligation to provide for a public transportation asset like airports that support our nation’s Capital. Long-term viability of the airport must be maintained, as one of the only airports in the United States that has the opportunity for expansion. I condemn the President’s proposal and hope that Congress does not fall into the slippery slope of selling off national assets.”

"Selling national assets such as Dulles International Airport or other critical components of our nation's infrastructure is short-sighted and poorly considered. Our aviation system is a matter of national security,” said Delegate Jennifer Boysko (D-Herndon). “I strongly oppose the current president's proposal to put such important assets up for sale."

“Any attempt to allow the privatization of Dulles International Airport is not only a threat on the safety and reliability of one of our region’s economic hubs but is a threat to the status of other prized national properties,” said Delegate Karrie K. Delaney (D-Chantilly). “I will advocate against the privatization of this invaluable public service. “

“This is a very bad idea. Infrastructure should not be privatized," said Senator Jennifer Wexton (D-Loudoun). "Any resident of Loudoun who has to deal with the Greenway, a privately held road with outrageous tolls, can tell you that. We shouldn’t Greenway America.”

“These are not just casinos that you can walk away from,” said Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria). “the loss of federal support for these crucial national assets would have an unthinkable impact on our regional economy. The president should not be financing tax cuts for the rich on the backs of Virginia taxpayers and commuters.”