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Statement: Delegate John Bell Denounces President Donald Trump’s Radical Immigration Policies

“I am ashamed to hear of President Trump’s actions on immigration policy. Not only are these executive orders unethical and improper to diplomatic discourse, he has sent a message around the globe that Americans should look a certain way, believe certain things, and speak a certain language to fit into his definition of what the United States should be.

“I say to Donald Trump: you are wrong. America is diverse, and it is stronger and more beautiful because of that diversity. Banning those from certain countries that you deem dangerous – some refugees fleeing the terror we are trying to prevent – doesn’t make America great again. In fact, it makes America worse off without the ideas, creativity, and aspiration brought here by immigrants that have marked the American Dream for centuries.

“I call on Virginia’s congressional delegation to rightly represent the needs of their constituents, and stand up to President Trump on these egregious and unethical executive orders.”