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ICYMI: Republican Subba Kolla Won’t Debate Del. John Bell

CHANTILLY, Va.: Today, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported that Republican Subba Kolla "has not agreed to appear at any candidate forum with Del. Bell."


“It’s incredibly important to me that my constituents know what I stand for, and if they have questions, allow me an opportunity to explain my positions. I’m not afraid to do what’s right, and I believe that includes speaking about my positions even though we may not always agree,” said Delegate John J. Bell (D – Loudoun). “I’ve accepted every forum and debate offer that has come to my campaign, and I look forward to any opportunity I have to stand side by side with my opponent during the remainder of the campaign.”


“Republican Subba Kolla must be afraid of his record of standing up for President Donald Trump if he’s unwilling to appear in a forum or debate,” said Jacqueline Hixson, spokesperson for the Bell campaign. “If you can’t respond to voters’ questions in a public forum, how can you be expected to speak to your legislation in Richmond? How can you defend the constituents of the 87th District? How can you ensure that your constituents have the best representation possible? The answer: you can’t.”