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Delegate John J. Bell Introduces First Bills that will Save Taxpayers $1 Billion or More

CHANTILLY, Va.: Delegate John J. Bell (D - Loudoun) introduced two pieces of legislation that have the potential to save the Commonwealth over $1 billion altogether. Delegate Bell said of the legislation:

"As a former budget officer in the Air Force, I know what it means to make hard decisions when creating a budget. But in Virginia, we have untapped potential to save money so that we can focus on our priorities, like education and transportation. By finding efficiencies in transportation engineering and the use of LED light bulbs, as well as other administrative costs, we can make sure taxpayers' money is spent in the best way."

HB 59 requires the Virginia Department of Transportation to use practical design methods when building roads. That means allowing engineers to be creative in reusing viable materials, building to the need of the road, and finding creative ways to make sure our infrastructure is built in the most efficient way. Similar states who have implemented these methods have saved over $1 billion over five years.

HB 58 requires Virginia departments to phase in the use of LED light bulbs in outdoor lighting maintained by the Commonwealth. The use of energy-efficient light bulbs can lower costs by $5-6 million per year through the longer-lasting technology as well as lowering maintenance expenditures. In addition to saving taxpayer money, this bill will help grow jobs in Virginia because LED bulbs are made right here in Virginia, instead of traditional bulbs that are bought from China.