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Delegate John Bell Lays Out Legislative Priorities for 2017 Session

RICHMOND, Va. – Today, the first day of the 2017 legislative session of the Virginia General Assembly, Delegate John Bell presented his legislative package and identified his priorities for the next 45 days in Richmond.

Delegate John J. Bell (D – Loudoun) said: “I have introduced a diverse legislative package for the 2017 session, with priorities on the following: growing the economy by putting Virginians first and maintaining good stewardship of taxpayer dollars; improving quality of life for Loudoun and Prince William families by increasing access to quality education and ensuring safe, reliable, and expedient transportation options; and keeping Virginians safe and secure from emerging dangers, such as the opioid crisis and cyber threats.”

  • HB 1802 - Ban outdoor tethering of companion animals when out of sight of the owner
  • HB 1803 - Add certain diseases to the list of those available for worker’s compensation benefits based on presumptive cause for correctional officers
  • HB 1804 - Require VDOT to employ practical design standards to reduce the cost of transportation projects
  • HB 1805 Require all public schools to develop a plan to implement full-day kindergarten
  • HB 1806 - Create a tax credit for investments in new technology businesses
  • HB 1807 - Allow for school boards to utilize an impartial fact-finding panel to address teacher grievance cases, with a requirement that one member of the panel is chosen by the teacher
  • HB 1808 - Allow for competitive negotiation of contracts with government entities for construction and professional services
  • HB 1809 - Adding computer crimes to the RICO statute
  • HB 1880 - Allow for competitive negotiation of contracts with government entities for professional services
  • HB 1881 - Change SCC regulations for toll roads
  • HB 1898 - Change opioid prescribing guidelines to only allow 3 days of painkillers to be prescribed by an emergency doctor (ICYMI: John shared his family’s story about addiction)
  • HB 1899 - Adding Affordable Dwelling Units to the list of construction projects allowed as a proffer
  • HB 1986 – Increase the penalty for computer trespassing
  • HB 1988 - Require the Commonwealth to use LED light bulbs in government buildings, etc.
  • Study the feasibility and impact of the Commonwealth entering into a partial ownership of the Dulles Greenway
  • Constitutional amendment to institute a Virginia Redistricting Commission