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Delegate John Bell Initiates Conversation to Improve Transportation in Loudoun County

FAIRFAX, Va.: Yesterday, Delegate John J. Bell (D – 87th) organized a “Rapid Improvement Event” between stakeholders to address the rapid growth in our community, and how to address the many transportation needs and priorities to make sure that citizens are safe and our economy continues to grow.

Between the Virginia Department of Transportation, Loudoun County transportation officials, real estate professionals, and Loudoun County local and state elected representatives, several problem areas were discussed and action items taken in order to improve approval processes, design specifications, and efficiency in transportation and development projects.

“Beginning this conversation is an important and imperative step in addressing the fastest-growing region in the Commonwealth,” said Delegate John Bell. “Finding ways we can be more efficient in building our infrastructure, commercial spaces, and residential areas will help not only Loudoun County but all of Northern Virginia continue to grow and prosper. I plan on this being the first conversation in a series of dialogue that keeps all stakeholders talking about how to make our neighborhood better for all.”